William Chumley Welcomed as WGUK Education Director

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William ChumleyI am happy to announce the addition of William Chumley to our newly-formed and growing Color Guard Educators Advisory Board.  William has been involved in the colorguard activity at all levels bringing with him his experience as a judge, a World-Class program director, a show designer and an educator.

William recently began his work as the education director for Winter Guard United Kingdom (WGUK).  He took some time out of his busy schedule to share his goals for improving training and development for WGUK adjudicators.

According to Chumley, he has “been tasked with developing a three to five year program for bringing the judges, and the community, into alignment with the current Winter Guard International (WGI) standards.”  He notes in past years WGUK judges have sometimes been asked to perform their responsibilities under difficult circumstances, including judging outside of their caption with little training or support.  One of his first priorities has been to make sure that judges will now “only be put in situations in which they may succeed.”  He also praises WGUK for recognizing “that the judges are a part of the triad that supports the units, and the entire activity,” in their decision to fund training and development.

Mr. Chumley shared many of his short term objectives leading into his first season of involvement including fostering the growth of an energized group of WGUK judges who have a dedication to the life-long learning process as it applies to judging and a willingness to practice the craft, who are committed to understanding and applying the uniform rules of WGI through WGUK and who have a willingness to learn through open dialogue with their peers, mentors and instructors as well as self-critique.

These goals, among many, will be addressed by Mr. Chumley and the talented group of WGUK adjudicators over several weekends of training leading up to the start of the 2009 WGUK competitive season.  Chumley assures, “the judges will be confident, informed, and ready for the season!”

For Mr. Chumley’s full report after the first training weekend and for more information about WGUK visit their website at www.wguk.org.uk .  The full report including the full list of initial objectives can be found in the judging section under the title “First Training Event and Future Plans.”  It also includes a list of upcoming dates and training sessions.


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