WGI Brings Back the Regional A Class

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This summer, WGI made an exciting announcement.  After a several-year hiatus, they will once again be welcoming Scholastic Regional A winterguards to compete at select WGI Regional competitions during the 2009 season.  For more information, including timing requirements, keep reading!

According to a press release on the WGI website, the 2004 decision to discontinue the Regional A competitive class was in response to “a surplus of Regional A groups entering regional contests” which, “in turn left color guards desiring to compete on a national level sometimes unable to enter Regionals due to time restraints on the contest day.”  Regional A color guards could still enter the competition but they were required to compete in the National A class and were evaluated on the A-class scoresheets against competitors that were sometimes much more advanced in skill and experience.

In 2009, these group will once again have a class all their own at 17 WGI regional competitions where they will be evaluated on the Regional A sheets.  WGI notes that this class is intended as an introduction to the organization and thus will NOT require they pay the WGI membership fee required of nationally competitive units.

The Regional A class competitors will also not be eligible to advance to the finals portion of the competition with the nationally competitive units, however, they may choose to attend the National A, Open and World Class finals as spectators which promises to be a rewarding growth experience in and of itself.

“This is a low-pressure situation for new instructors to come experience WGI competitions and get recorded feedback from WGI level adjudicators, and to watch some of the other units in competition.” said Bart Woodley, Marketing Manager for WGI Sport of the Arts.

Paul Orsett, President of the Atlantic Indoor Association circuit, is encouraging Regional A instructors in his circuit to take advantage of this opportunity.  “The reintroduction of the Regional A class is a great opportunity for younger groups to experience a different level of competition with groups that come from a larger geographical area.”  He goes on to say, “Younger designers and performers can gain a better understanding of the requirements of the classes by watching those groups that are having success at the National and International level.”

Show registration begins September 29th but Woodley recommends registering your unit at least 48 hours prior (September 26th would be safe) to ensure you will have received the information you need to log onto the WGI website and complete the show registration on the 29th.  To ensure that nationally competitive groups are given a priority in competition entry, Regional A units will not be guaranteed a performance slot and added to the shows until November 3rd.  Since registration is based on postmark, the earlier you enter (on the 29th or shortly thereafter), the better your chances of gaining one of the limited performance slots.

Rule books will be available through WGI’s shop in the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime, as you are choosing music, WGI has indicated that time requirements for the Regional A class will be:

Minimum Performance Time: 3 minutes

Minimum Equipment Time: 3 minutes

Maximum Performance Time: 4 1/2 minutes

Interval Time: 7 minutes

For more information and a list of regionals where the Regional A class is available, visit WGI’s website.  Here are a few direct links for more information:

Main WGI Website

For More Information on How to Register

WGI’s Shop (whether the rule book will be available in upcoming weeks)

Original August 27th Press Release



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