WGASC Launches Instructor Certification Program

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In September 2008, the Winter Guard Association of Southern California launched its Instructor Certification program.  This is a voluntary program that is offered to instructors who maintain membership in the WGASC.  There are three levels in the program.  Each level contains a sequence of actions/tests that must be satisfactorily completed prior to certification in a particular level.  Level 1 is currently available online (www.wgasc.org), and contains the following steps for completion. (Click Read more for details on the program).

Level 1 (12 units):

  1. District Finger Printing – 2 units
  2. Proof of CPR Certification – 2 units
  3. Online Test – 5 units
      • Rule book test – 1 unit
      • Policy manual test – 1 unit
      • Color Guard Etiquette test – 1 unit
      • Effective rehearsal Strategies test – 1 unit
      • Show Preparation test – 1 unit
  4. Attendance at Fall Clinic – 3 units

Levels 2 and 3 will be accessible in the spring/summer of 2009.  The design of the certification program was developed to create a professional advantage to dual entities; the color guard instructors and potential employers.

Benefits to the Instructor:

Once an individual completes a level of certification, they may use WGASC certification as a benchmark of professional accomplishment to add to their resume.  Prospective employers are invited to confirm an individual's certification status with the WGASC.  In addition, two of the elements contained in Level 1 certification are a component of employment that is required by school districts in the state of California: Finger Print / Live Scan investigation and CPR certification.

Benefits to Potential Employers:

When employers / band directors evaluate potential color guard instructors for their programs they must carefully weigh the technical and instructive capabilities of the candidates being considered.  It is important to recognize that not all color guard instructors are equal in their abilities.  Some candidates may bring years of experience and accomplishments to the table.  However, whatever inherent creative talents a candidate may possess, it is imperative to an employer that they also have a sound understanding regarding all aspects of quality program management, activity requirements and sound teaching methods.

In addition, it is the goal of this program to further our activity's standard of prefessionalism.  This will, in turn, provide an assurance to potential employers that certified instructors with whom they collaborate will have a clear understanding of the functionality and capabilities of a solid color guard program.

Benefits to the Color Guard Activity:

The certification program helps to solidify activity skills and accomplishments.  It is the aspiration of the WGASC that by encouraging participation in this program; we will be promoting the longevity of our activity and providing a professional and competitive edge to its participants.  Finally, the actions of the circuit are guided by the goal of providing a strong foundation of support and education.  The WGASC will continue to strive in this area for the very best programs we can offer our membership to enhance the creative aspirations of the color guard activity.

For further information about this program contact Chris Casteel at CCasteel@wgasc.org.



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