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Team Colorguard Spin for the Cure is embarking on our fourth year of support for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Race towards a cure for breast cancer! Please join us in walking or in raising both awareness and funds for this important cause!

This year is particularly exciting as we witness the growth of our efforts and welcome a “spinoff” race team – the NC Triangle Spin for the Cure team – led by Greta Patterson and Danielle Wales in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.  Both the Washington D.C. Komen Global Race for the Cure team and the NC Triangle team are now registered for their races and we’re looking for your support!

Visit :

The Official 2009 Team Colorguard Spin for the Cure Website in the Washington D.C. Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure! Led by team captains Catina Anderson and Brenda Hogan

The Official NC Triangle Spin for the Cure team for the June 2009 Komen Affiliate Race in Raleigh, North Carolina led by team captains Greta Patterson and Danielle Wales.

SPIN for the CURE (Team WGC) History:

We are excited to embark on our fourth year of support for this tremendously important cause.  This year we are particularly pleased to see amazing growth in support of breast cancer awareness throughout our activity.  We welcome a new “spinoff” team in the NC Triangle Raleigh, North Carolina area race.  We are also pleased to learn that WGI is now officially supporting the Komen foundation as well with their huge WGI Spins for a Cure event at the 2009 Color Guard World Championships!  If you’re attending World Championships please show your support!

The team began in 2006 as an extension of a service project at two local Virginia high schools. In 2008 we expanded this effort by inviting the participation of the entire colorguard community. In 2009 the project is really gaining momentum!  Even with the economy the way it is, we hope that 2009 will be our best year yet!  With the combined efforts of 2 regional teams we’re well on our way!

Here’s what we’ve raised in just three short years!

2008: $6393.03

2007: $2,283.00

2006: $8,825.17

That’s a remarkable total of: $17,501.02


If every member of the colorguard community worldwide donated even $10.00 think about what a huge statement we could make!

Breast cancer is a disease that touches almost every person in the U.S. in some way. Most of us have a family member, friend or co-worker who has been touched by this terrible disease. Through research there is hope that someday in the near future there will exist a world where breast cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease. WE CAN BE A PART OF THAT CURE!

The goal for the Washington D.C. Global Colorguard Spin for the Cure team is $5000.00.

The goal for the NC Triangle Spin for the Cure Team is $1000.00

If you can’t be there in person to walk, please consider showing your support through making a donation.  Even better…  THINK BIG!!!  Host a spin for the cure event in your area – perhaps a technique clinic where proceeds benefit the Komen foundation.  Support one of the existing teams or start a team for your own local area!  And let us know what you’re doing!  We’ll help you get the word out and celebrate your efforts here on Color Guard Educators!

SPIN for the Cure in the 2008-2009 Seasons:

We are encouraging members of the color guard community WORLDWIDE to get involved! Here’s what you can do!

  1. pink ribbon flagIf you live in the Washington D.C. area, consider joining our National Race for the Cure team and coming out to walk with us in the race! Visit our team webpage to join!
  2. If you do not live in the Washington D.C. area consider being a team captain in your own local race! Our goal is to add teams in localities throughout the country! Contact for more information on how to be a team captain! It’s EASY!
  4. Become a corporate sponsor! There are so many amazing colorguard supply companies out there. Please consider supporting Team WGC. We will post a free ad for here for any company who steps up to lead the way!
  5. Join our Facebook Group to help us spread the word, network with others who care about the cause and stay up-to-date on team announcements!
  6. Organize a spin event in your community and donate the proceeds! This could be a clinic, a performance, a yard sale or even a dinner!

The Future:

We hope that our “Color Guards Care” campaign will grow and become more and more successful each year. In future years we will be able to expand this initiative to help lead the color guard community in the fight against even more deadly diseases that touch all of our families. Together, we can make a difference!


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