Spirit Bags!

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This is a fun activity the entire band participates in!  During marching season students create spirit bags for their own sections, for every performance.

Spirit bags contain a few treats and some fun baubles from the dollar store (a glow stick, mardi gras beads, lip gloss, etc).  Coaches and directors sometimes add a little note and slip it into the bags, too.

How We Organize It

For guard we assign responsibility for the bags by class.  For instance, our first game goes to the seniors, second to the juniors and so on.  If one class is a bit short on members, we pair them with another class.

Our school only performs at home games, which is more than four games.  So, after the first four we go to a system where everyone just brings one item or ½ the team brings one item one time and the other ½ the next depending on the size of the team. The items are combined into bags.

There is no official price limit but performers understand it’s meant to be simple – just candies and baubles – no one wants to get into a “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality.  We also should note that we pay attention to food allergies and take that into consideration.

During marching season they receive their treats when they come off the field after their performance. During winter guard, we also pass them out after performances.

Something Special for Championships

At championships I try to take it up a notch and  put the bags together with donations from the parents.  This past year I asked parents to write a note to their performer and slipped it into their bags.

The performers get really creative with what goes into the bags and, needless to say, the recipients are always grateful!  It’s a simple activity to put together and it gets the students involved in giving to one another which helps with team-building as well.

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