Semi-DIY Numbered Flags

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reposted on CGE with permission of the author, originally posted September 28, 2010 on her blog, “One More Time, I Promise! … Now, Do it Again.”
A few weeks ago I brought you pocket watch props.  This week I present customized flags.
Customized Number Flags

As I previously stated, our theme this year is “It’s About Time”. We are using pocket watches for “I’m Late,” so it is only fitting that we have numbered flags for “Rock Around the Clock.” This was mostly DIY. I say that because we ordered solid budget flags as a foundation. The DIY was in the customization.The concept was simple. With 12 guard and 12 numbers on a clock, we needed 12 custom flags. The cost to order them was more than we wanted to spend, so I volunteered to make them.

Materials purchased:

solid-colored budget flags (order extras!),
Heat n Bond Lite interfacing (approximately 40 yards),
18-20 yards of black poly china silk,
matte board to create stencils.

Other materials needed:

large flat surface,
sturdy x-acto knife,
sheet to iron over,
cotton cloth,

Here’s a real quick rundown of what I did. The whole project took about 30 hours.

1.   Drew and cut out large numbers on pieces of matte board.

2.   Ironed the interfacing to the fabric. (tip: regardless of the instructions, you want to wet a thin cotton cloth and use steam to fuse the fabrics)
3.   Stenciled the number on to the interfacing and cut it out. 30 times [front and back for each number and accounting for 2 numbers each for 10, 11, and 12 adding up to 30 total]. (tip: these need to be stenciled backwards)

4.   Ironed the numbers on to the flags. (tip: I found that using steam on this part bubbled the silk, so I used quick spurts of heat directly on it at a medium setting.)

…and Voilà! You’ve got 12 custom flags for approximately $350.

finished flags

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