The CGE site is built as a resource for all color guard educators – filled with ideas and experience shared by color guard coaches, parents, adjudicators, and supporters throughout the world.  Many of these resources are in the form of blog posts, however we have a few pages of static resources available including a documents page (with downloads of forms that have been shared by our readers and editorial team), a collection of clip art for use in making handouts and flyers, and a glossary of terms (fun for sharing with students!).

This site only grows through the input and willingness to share of color guard educators like you!  If you have something to add to our collection of resources – something you think might save another coach some time or help solve a problem you’ve created a solution for – please consider sharing!  We’re always happy to review submissions.

[remember submissions must be your original work – not derived from other sources unless specifically cited and with permission of the original author]