This website is a labor of love for all involved – editors, advisors, contributors and readers alike.  We all share a passion for this amazing activity as well as a passion for providing positive educational experiences for young performers.  Every now and then readers write in and let us know they appreciate the work we’re doing here.  We really appreciate the feedback – it keeps us going and helps let us know that the time we’re spending writing down our experiences is helping others.  Thank you so much!  We wanted to post a few of the nice emails sent to us to let any coaches who may be thinking about whether or not to contribute an article/post/diy/tutorial know it’s worth the time – people are reading and what you share here will help so many.

Here’s some of what people have shared:


“I love the CG Educators site…it has been so helpful and i always check it 1st when i need advice, an idea or even when things are a little crazy.  There’s always something I can read to help fix it or motivate me or my guard …So Thank You!” – Stormi Kissel

“Your website is really awesome and I thank you so much for this valuable help and information!” -Jody Gribble 

“[…] I was hired to coach a colorguard at one of the high schools near Elon this fall, and when I was looking up some various guard things online I came across […] the website is brilliant.  It’s by far one of the most useful sites I’ve come across so far.” -Mary

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (many times I’m sure), I would have been an absolute MESS and failure last year (my first year as a director) without the CGE site.  The site provided a sounding board, research tool, and all around wonderful home for me in the late night hours I spent wondering, worrying and planning.  THANK YOU!! :)”  -Julie Baldwin 

” […] I love being the sponsor/instructor/choreographer/everything else that the girls need but I want to build the program to go beyond just football games.  It is difficult at times in a small town, and I have no winterguard experience but I have to tell you that your site has helped me so much with “tricks of the trade” and it keeps me inspired.” -Amanda Patterson 

“Hi! My name is Amber Sampson and I’m the color guard director for New Washington High School.  This past fall we decided to use a tarp on the field and make our show a lot like an indoor show.  Our program is one that just started competing within th epast 5 years and because of our small budget we got a company to donate old billboards to us.  We followed your directions and our tarp turned out amazing. […] THANK YOU so much for putting the directions on this website!!!” -Amber Sampson, New Washington High School 

“I just wanted to take a second and thank you for this wonderful resource you have created.  I have been teaching guard for over 13 years now, but it is so nice to get fresh ideas on things.  I have found myself in the last few days printing off articles and posting them in my office and guard room for my students.  The difference in their rehearsal etiquette has been tremendous just by reading them.  It is truly refreshing as an educator to be able to draw upon such a valuable resource for both me and my students.”  –Ricardo R. Robinson, Director, McEachern HS Color Guard 

“I just saw the link to your site on the WGI page and thought I would take a look.  This is such a FANTASTIC gift for so many people.  Often times when people think of the activity, then tend to think of the movers and shakers.  But the truth is, there are more inexperienced teachers out there who are desperate for information. … I have always said that there are great teachers for the students out there, but who’s teaching teachers?  THANK YOU!!! How cool!”  -Tim Newburn, 

“I stopped by today after seeing your story on the WGI website.  I found the information to be well developed and directed toward the teams that really need it.  You have provided a necessary service.  Well done!” -Michael Lentz, Onyx World Guard 

Read a March 2009 article posted by WGI: 

“After reading the wonderful comment that Catina Anderson wrote about my previous article I went and checked out the website that she referred to.  Wow!  What an awesome sight.  You can find everything relating to colorguard from equipment use and maintenance, to performance tips and costuming.  I would highly encourage you to give it a glance.  It is called Color Guard Educator and Catina Anderson is the editor but it includes articles and discussion by many other knowledgeable individuals.”  Comment Posted by Laura Prior on her blog titled Music and Education: Everything from marching band to Madrigals 

“I think I have read your website from top to bottom and by far it’s the best out there.” -Dana Howell