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 It’s been a little over a month since the Komen National Race for the Cure in Washington D.C. on June 7th.  We’ve taken some time to evaluate the past year’s successes and set some goals for the 2008-09 Race Season.  Thank you to everyone who supported the team over the past three years.  Here’s what happened in 2008 and what we hope to look forward to in 2009!





Enjoying the Event

 Approximately 12 members of the Washington metro area colorguard community met bright and early Saturday June 7th under our team letters on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Our black shirts with pink logo stood out among the crowd as did the pink ribbon flag I carried on swing pole through the metro and then through the race.  And at times we wondered, with the 95+ heat wave that had hit our city, whether black was the best of colors to choose!   Still, even with a steamy forecast we were pleasantly surprised to greet the morning full of a steamy fog, which pleasantly blocked out what could have been an oppressive sun.  The morning was relatively comfortable until about 9:30 when the fog lifted and the sun shone bright.  By then, several of our team members had completed the race.

After meeting under our team sign we headed over to the race start where we met a few more team members, took a team photo and started off – several minutes late of the official start.  Still, it was inspiring and energizing to be greeted with so many people gathered in hope and common purpose.  The positive energy was infectious and the smiles were everywhere.  We were proud to walk past the announcer at the race starting line who noticed our pink ribbon flag, gladly announced our team name to the crowd and then questioned whether we were cool enough, again, in our black shirts!


 After our team photo we broke off into smaller groups so those who wanted to walk faster could get their exercise and others (like my family with 4 year olds and grandparents together) could “stroll.”  Along the way we stopped for many a photo opportunity, we enjoyed musical groups (including a local area band with an accompanying color guard performer) and even asked the Geiko Gecho to pose with our pink ribbon flag.  At one point another race participant asked to borrow our flag for her own photo and we were happy to oblige!

Once the sun came out we were more motivated to move it to the finish line!  Thankfully the race staff had set up misting tents you could walk through and volunteers were passing out water along the route. Finishing up the race we joined in the post race festivities and then took some time to just lay in the cool grass before heading over to the National Museum of Natural History for lunch!

Surpassing Goals

For the 2008 season we set several goals for our project.  First, we wanted to let more people know about Team WGC, our color guard team in the Komen National Race for the Cure.  Second, we wanted to raise over $5000.00 and third, we hoped to recruit at least 20 people to actually walk in the race on raceday in the Nation’s Capitol.

The only goal for which we fell short was recruiting 20 people to walk with us.  However, our numbers did increase this year from last and we hope to make more progress next year.  It really would be a nice time to network and get to know other members of the colorguard community in our region outside of the competitive environment.

For spreading the word we reached out through facebook and have gathered over 260 supporters to date in our facebook group “Colorguard Spin for the Cure.”  We’ve also created a “flair” for the facebook flair application with our team logo and we’ve sold t-shirts with our team logo at both the Atlantic Indoor Association championships and to a few supporters in other areas of the country through the mail.  Finally, we were so excited that WGI published an article about our project in one of their championships flyers which was handed out at World Championships in Dayton, OH in April.

Finally, the most exciting achievement for the year, is that we far surpassed the amount of money we set a goal to raise.  To date, our official totals say $6423.03.  That’s over $1400 more than our initial goal of $5000.00.  How exciting!  The fundraising efforts included online donations through our official team website, selling shirts with our team logo, 2 craft fairs where team member Brenda Hogan sold pink crafts to raise money which she donated and the Loudoun County Encore Showcase of Colorguards.

Goals for the Future

Reflecting on the progress we made this year and the enthusiasm of our facebook supporters we have decided to continue this project for at least one more year.  There have been several inquiries from coaches across the country regarding how they can get involved and get their performers involved in an effort like ours.

In response to this, our number one goal for the next year is to encourage interested members of the colorguard community to become team captains in their own race.  Most of the local races keep a good portion of the money raised in your local communities.  So by spreading out the teams we can collectively benefit communities across the United States.  Just like we have done here, individuals can set up a race team in their local event, spread the word, hold fundraising events and walk together to represent our activity in the effort.  We will be here to help with ideas and with letting everyone know how all of the teams are doing.

We also hope to figure out how to sell our t-shirts and perhaps additional merchandise online.  If there’s anyone out there with information on how to do this (the busi

ness end of things) please let us know!  We would like 100% of the profits to go to the cause.

We’re excited to announce that just on the past 2 weeks we already have a second team in the North Carolina Triangle Area (Raleigh area) and a high school team from near Erie, PA has decided to participate through having yard sales and holding benefit concerts next spring!  We look forward to all of the creative ways that color guard participants can think of to help grow this project!


Why Participate?

  1. Well, the most obvious reason to participate is that you believe in the cause.
  2. The race event itself is inspiring.
  3. Participating in service events is empowering for young performers.
  4. We generate additional exposure for our activity.
  5. We make a difference in the world doing something we love!

How Can You Participate?

Be creative!  There are lots of ideas for how you can contribute to the cause.  Do what works best for your situation and circumstances.  Here are just a few ideas!

•    Become a Team Captain in Your Local Breast Cancer Awareness Race Event
•    Hold a “Spin Clinic” for local schools and donate the proceeds from the event.
•    Hold an Encore show and ask spectators to make a donation.
•    Purchase a t-shirt and wear it to spread the word and show your support.
•    Join the facebook group to help spread the word to your friends (and invite your friends!)
•    Make a donation to one of the local teams this year.
•    Have a yard sale to raise money.
•    Volunteer to be raceday entertainment in your local race.  Many races have openings for school groups and performers to entertain the crowds as they walk past!  This option doesn’t require any fundraising!
•    Put a link on your website to our Color Guards Care page!
•    If you’re a colorguard business consider sponsoring our team through donations of products for participants or through helping us promote the events!

Let’s join together across the nation and see what type of
impact we can make this year in the Hopes to End Breast Cancer!

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