“On the Starting Line” debuts this Winter

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We recently heard about a new marching arts movie, “On the Starting Line,” set amid the exciting world of Drum Corps Color Guard.  It’s a narrative feature described as a coming of age story written and directed by Wendy J. Manera, a Blue Devils alumnus.  Producer Linda Vito took a few moments to tell us a little more.

“The story is not a documentary.” Says Vito who has become a huge fan of the drum corps activity through her involvement in this project.  “The backdrop of this story could be any activity,” she shares, “but the beauty of this activity is it encompasses so many different layers and levels of accomplishment.  When you do this activity there are many objectives.  It’s choreography, it’s athleticism, it’s music, it’s performing, … all wrapped up in one activity.”

The Synopsis below is from their website :


Driven by a passionate desire to perform with the color guard of a World Class Drum Corps, a quietly determined teenage girl dares to dream beyond the boundaries of her perceived limitations to reach her goal. The results are as devastating as they are exhilarating, and she is changed forever. We follow her struggles as she attempts to come to terms with the mixed reactions of family, friends, mentors and fellow corps members. Triumphs, missteps, disappointments, laughter, and the hope of second chances ensue.  Ultimately, with her cherished dream hanging in the balance, she must confront the relentless self-doubts that haunt her at every turn. Only then, can she cross the starting line to a new life of self-acceptance and the pride of performing with a championship drum corps.
(http://www.otslmovie08.com/index2.html , 4Dec2008).

Vito is excited that her movie may be a chance to share the drum corps activity with the world. “Wendy and I met and she told me she had this project.  I read the script and then went to a camp in the summer of 07.” Vito remembers.  “I just saw these kids and I saw what they do and the instructors and how everyone is so passionate about this and so dedicated.  I thought this is really great.  This is something people need to see.  I was really taken with it.  I am in awe of those kids.  How they travel, how they sacrifice to do what they do.”

Several of the actors are cast from the Santa Clara Vanguard , a world class drum and bugle corps from Santa Clara, CA.  Clips from Vanguard performances are also woven into the film and the trailer so that audiences who might be less familiar with the activity would have a chance to see an actual drum corps in action.

Vito expects a target release date around Thanksgiving 2008.  Visit the “On The Starting Line” movie website to view a trailer of the film!

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