October 5th: Do Something Nice Day

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This morning I opened up my facebook browser to see that my favorite restaurant – The Melting Pot – was proclaiming that today, October 5th, is

“Do Something Nice Day.

Always a fan of any excuse to “spread the love” I made a quick trip to google to find out more.

I found several holiday websites proclaiming this October 5th unofficial holiday – a day to spread smiles, do random acts of kindness and just generally do something nice for someone else.  Almost every site that mentioned this fun holiday also said they could find no evidence of an originator or origin – no one seems to know where the idea came from – but all seem to agree that spreading the word – even if completely unofficial and non-existant – can’t hurt!

I agree!

While we never should need a reason to spread smiles it’s sometimes helpful to be reminded to put deliberate energy into making the world a better place – especially in the midst of the stressful competition season when smiles can be hard to find.  So, holiday or not… let’s make October 5th here at CGE a “Do Something Nice Day.”  Here are five fun ideas for doing something nice “Color Guard Educators” style.

1.  Milk and Cookies!

On the way to practice this afternoon stop by the store and pick up a treat for your performers.  Something as simple as a gallon of milk, some paper cups, a bag of Oreos and 5 minutes at the end of rehearsal for dunking could be just the pick-me-up your team needs!  If food allergies are a concern look for a non-food treat like a bundle of carnations “just because” or a silly gift from the party supply aisles at your favorite party store.

2.  Do Something Nice Today – Deliver Later!

If you don’t have rehearsal today spend some time this evening making something for your performers to deliver at your next rehearsal – at that time you can explain that october 5th was “do something nice day” and that you spent your October 5ht doing something nice for them.  The fact that an adult outside of their family took time to do something special just for them – when you had the night “off” makes a big impression with teenagers.  You could do something as simple as writing an individual note to each performer letting them know what you think they’re doing really well up to this point in the season.

3.  Print Out a “Pay It Forward” Card.

Regardless of what you decide to do, consider spreading the love even further by making up a simple card you can print out and hand to each student.  On the card write something like “October 5th is ‘Do Something Nice Day.’  I challenge you to spread the smiles by doing something nice for someone between now and next Wednesday.”  Then have the kids write what they did on the back of the card and return the card to you for a special treat (say of piece of early Halloween Candy or something simple like that).

4.  Parent Pick-Me-Ups!

Lead your team in returning the love to your band/guard parents.  See if they can come up with a way to “Do Something Nice” for the parent volunteers who have helped produce your fall show.  It may be having each student write an individual thank you note to their own parent (bring the notecards with you and allow a few minutes during practice tonight) or even something as creative as making up a thank you song to sing for the parents at the next game.  You can spend 15 minutes of rehearsal tonight making up a silly song and then perform it for the parents at the next volunteer gather (like Friday night’s football game!).

5.  Send Out Mid-season Thank You Cards

If you have important people who have helped you this year, whether they are staff members, key parent volunteers, or your band director, take a moment this afternoon to write a quick email letting them know you appreciate their support.  Mid-season is a stressful time for everyone… we could all use a few smiles!

And who knows!  All these smiles you throw out there just might become contagious!  It only takes a few minutes to spread joy – and maybe you can be the spark that helps make the world a nicer place!

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