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There is a FANTASTIC article posted on the BOA website regarding copyright law and requirements as it relates to marching organizations.  While it is geared toward the fall season, the information is also directly applicable to winter guard units.  It goes into great detail including defining the different types of licenses and when they would be necessary as well as potential costs involved.  There is information about producing end-of-season DVD mementos for students as well.  The author explains that even if you are not charging students for these mementos they still require licensing.  The costs associated are relatively small per CD or DVD but you will need some lead-time to get permissions.  Click on “Read More” for the link.

The article is: The Copyright Monster and Music Educators: We CAN All Co-exist.

by Ted Piechocinski, J.D.

The link is:

They feature additional copyright guidance on

These would be important articles for any unit director to read!

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