Mrs. T’s Tips for Color Guard Make-Up & Hair: Episode 1 “I’m Getting Sunburned”

| October 12, 2012 | 2 Comments

Today we’re thrilled to welcome a new monthly contributor to the CGE blog!

We truly do have the best community in the world.  Coaches and performers who are willing to take time from their busy schedules to share their experiences and knowledge with one another.

A community that seeks to support.

We are truly grateful.  And both your feedback and your contributions inspire us every day.

Mrs. T is a performer with the Govenaires Drum and Bugle Corps (DCA) from St. Peter, MN.  She also writes her own colorguard blog (with… we should note… maybe the best guard blog url out there,  She’s offered to join us here on the CGE for a guest post once each month that will feature a video tutorial showing how she achieves a particular hairstyle or performance make-up “look.”  For her first post she’s sharing the make-up style she used with her team this year which she calls “I’m Getting Sunburned” based on the name of the eyeshadow color palette she chose.  Even if you want a different color palette or “look” just watching her talk through the process gives a good stepping stone for getting started – especially if you’re new to or inexperienced with applying make-up.

So without further delay – please welcome “Mrs. T” to CGE!


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Mrs. T is a color guard enthusiast who marches with the Govenaires Drum and Bugle Corps from St. Peter, MN. She’s always been involved in performing – plays, ballets, musicals, marching band, and drum corps. She brings years of experience in stage and performance hair and make-up applied for color guard situations. In addition to color guard, Mrs. T is a web marketing and design professional, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Technical Communication. Check out her blog at

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  1. Amy Townley says:

    This is VERY cool! Especially for those of us coaches who know next to nothing about make up! :o) Thank you, Mrs. T!

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