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We are so excited today to launch our very first regular weekly column here at CGE!  The fabulous Cheryl Myers – a longtime member of our team – is going to bring us one tidbit of useful and entertaining information about movement each Monday.  And she’d love for you to write in with your best questions so she can try to address those! Today, her first installment is about the toe point!  Here she goes!

A Column!  Hey, lookey there, I have a column.  “Kids… Kids!  Mommy has a column… No, over here.. Honey; no, here… it’s about movement. Well, yes, Dancing.  Yes, like Mommy does in the gym… What?  Oh. Well.  Sure, you can have a snack.”  Sigh…Well then. The chickadees aren’t quite as thrilled as I about this new development at CGE, but hey, baby steps.  Welcome to Movement Mondays!  Guided by yours truly ~ The Movement Chick.  Oh, you like the new title? **blush** Thank you… I made it up myself.

Ok, I’m done rambling.  The idea here is to provide a brief snippet of information relative to your movement program each week.  Do you have a question?  A concern? A skill which is just not working out for your team?  A Macy’s gift card you have NO idea what to do with?  Please, let us know and we’ll contribute as best we can.  Who is “we” you ask?  Why, yours truly and my fantastic research team.A-hem.   Just as soon as we recruit that team.In the interim, it’s yours truly and the dictionary; my wealth of knowledge; the four shelves of anatomy and dance books I actually do own  and, of course, Google.

Without further ado, let me address a topic which may sound ridiculous, but is actually true.

I’d like you to try something… point your toes.  Yes, point your toes. I’ll wait. Okay, now try again, but without engaging your ankle at all. It’ll take a few tries to understand what I’m asking.  Now, back to the old way ~ Engage the ankle once again.  Note the difference?  Note the stretch in your calf muscle and your arch?

How many times during a rehearsal do we screech demand yell request our students to:

“Point Your Toes!”

It can’t happen effectively without the involvement and fluidity of the ankle and Achilles tendon and strength in the calf muscle.  This is encouraged by Plie; by floor barre and by stretching the calf muscle appropriately, and regularly.  Some students are blessed with natural toe point, and natural turn out.  For me the rest of us, it takes work; muscular development and training.  Yes, even for something as seemingly simple as a pointed toe.  It is, however, simpler to screech request they “point their toes” than to say:

“Contract your ankle, use your arch and flex your calf muscle as you shape your foot into a lovely crescent shape, please!”

Until next time ~ I remain, respectfully yours,
The Movement Chick

PS – oh, and those Macy’s gift cards?  Feel free to send them right along.  No need to have them cluttering up your wallets.



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Cheryl Myers (aka “The (self-proclaimed) Movement Chick”) is a movement instructor, adjudicator and would-be rockette, living in the Fingerlakes area of New York State. Primary affiliations include the New York Federation of Contest Judges, and the Atlantic Indoor Association. She has most recently worked with Trumansburg High School, and is continually blessed by the opportunity to consult and adjudicate for circuits around the country. In addition to her pageantry career, Ms. Myers works in the accounting and insurance fields, and yes, is great fun at parties, thankyouverymuch. Her primary job, and that which she is most proud of, is raising her two beautiful children, a future dancer and drummer.

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