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Live To Spin from A.D.Jakubowski on Vimeo.

The Pacificaires of British Columbia, Canada are the subject of a documentary of their season and the winter guard activity being produced by No Limit Productions to help promote awareness for the activity throughout the world!  We asked Anna Jakubowski, the director of the Live to Spin Project, to tell us a little more about their team and the documentary!  Click Read More below to see what she has to share!

1.  Can you give me a brief history of the Pacificaires? 

The Pacificaires was started in 1977 by Alan Dyck and his wife Florence Dyck after they met marching together in another Drum & Bugle Corps. In 1982 they started a marching band and travelled with over 100 members to Hawaii performing at various locations including the Hawaii Islanders baseball stadium. In late 1994 they switched to a Drum &   Bugle Corps that competed nationally in 1985 and 1986. In 1987 changes to the government rules in bingo revenues (from which they received financial support) forced the group to downsize.  By 1999 the organization realized that dance was an integral part of color guard and started a dance school. The two have worked well in making the organization more cohesive and the guard better in the movement caption. The Pacificaires have made a difference for about 3 000 students over the years. Pacificaires Color Guard has 3 groups: Independent A, Prep Guard and Mini Guard (just a few year olds).

This year’s Independent A team consists of 17 team members (age 11 to 21) and 5 instructors who are going to compete in the WGI Championships with the hopes of getting to the finals for the third year in a row and impressing the judges and the audience.

2.  How did this project come about?  What led to your decision to produce this film?
Educating the public about the color guard sport is crucial to this sport flourishing and growing. Color guard is a sport that presents our young people with opportunities that build on self respect, hard work, and real values. We want to show how the determination and generous hearts of dedicated instructors can take young people on a journey of passion, teaching them how to overcome challenges while building confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Having had the opportunity to get to know this sport and the Pacificaires team, we have experienced only one reaction from people exposed for the very first time to this activity- WOW! They are amazed and speechless by the skills guards must present and the originality of this sport.  Why not offer the audience the opportunity to experience what color guard is about? We strongly believe that CG deserves to be more recognized and we believe that story of Pacificaires Color Guard deserves to be told and will well represent many other teams.

3.  What is the overall goal for the project?

We hope that this film will become the tool for CG family to introduce their schools and communities to the CG activity and give answers to many questions that color guard organizations face when they try to explain what they do and why they do it.  We hope to bring awareness of this sport and art by doing this, and make it just a little bit easier on the young people and their instructors who desperately need the support of their communities.    

As filmmakers we are interested in presenting the historical value of the Pacificaires Color Guard organization and showing the long term effects of their work in peoples lives. Following the stories of previous and current members of the Pacificaires team gives an opportunity to see the sport as it was, as it is, and how it could be in Canada. This film will show the audience not just another color guard team, but the only color guard team on the West Coast of Canada; not an ordinary sport, not an ordinary art, but a combination of both; the ordinary people who become extraordinary.

4.  When will the film be completed?  How will it be available to the public?

We started to shoot this documentary in September of 2008 and the filming is in progress until the last day of World Championships in Ohio. The documentary should be edited by early June 2009. Recently we have started conversations with broadcasters about distribution of the final product and all updates about the future of the film will be posted on our website, including when it will be available on DVD. Any information about festival events that we may enter in the future will be also listed there. Anyone who’s interested in distribution of the film may contact us through our website.  

5.  How can people find out more?


We encourage people who would like to follow the project and journey of the Pacificaires team to visit .  We update this website through weekly videos showing the team at practice and members of the team in their private settings out of the guard world.  

Special thanks to the Pacificaires and Anna Jakubowski for their time and for sharing the trailer for their documentary with the Color Guard Educators community.


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