Letter from the Editor – August 2009

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sunset as seen from an airplaneAs I write this letter, I am sitting on an airplane headed to a family reunion in Texas. While I’m excited for the opportunity to attend and to visit greatly missed family members I am also completely terrified sitting here in my seat. My closest friends (and facebook friends!) understand my absolute fear of flying.

As we jump into a new season I can imagine that many of you are facing the same mixture of fear and excitement. The thrill of finding just the perfect flag or costume for your show combined with the stress of “What if I NEVER find the perfect flag or costume for my show!” Maybe you found the perfect flag but the budget isn’t accommodating your “vision.” Time to be creative and figure out just how to make it work!

You’re also meeting your new team with all the accompanied uncertainty. On the other hand, you have the chance to watch new members grow and flourish at a pace unparalleled any other time of year.

It is a time of excitement and, yes, it can be a time of stress. We here at CGE hope we can provide some encouragement and support to make this time of the year just a little easier so you can focus less on the stress and more on all of the fun!

So… I am sitting here on the airplane…facing my fear. Grandma’s 80th birthday is here and we just couldn’t miss. Like all those years of starting band camp with worries and questions I know that pushing through the stress will be more than worth the end result. Not a season went by that I don’t remember feeling the same way.

So, jump in there! Have a blast. And if you have questions you just can’t answer we hope you’ll visit our forums, send us an email or browse the articles on the site. There’s bound to be another educator out there who has faced the same challenges you’re facing. Or, who knows! Maybe you have the answer someone else is looking for. We look forward to hearing from you with your questions, ideas, suggestions and stories of success! I hope you have an AMAZING band camp!

Happy Band Camp!
Catina Anderson
Editor/Founder www.colorguardeducators.com



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What types of uniforms does your team wear for the fall season?

1: a thematic costume (different each year) 2: a standard school colors uniform (same each year) 3: A School Uniform for parades and a thematic costume for field shows 4: None – it’s not in the budget so we have to be creative!

Visit our home page to click on your response and see how the rest of the community is voting!


Uniformed Run-Thru
Before your big debut, take some time to practice in uniform. Sometimes, the students are not used to a skirt or performing in a one sleeved uniform. The students can see what undergarments they will personally need and you, as an instructor, can see what the uniforms will look like on the field or floor.

Danielle Smith
Dir. Easton High School Colorguards, Easton, MD

When you first purchase a flag bag, whether it’s for team or personal use, flip it inside out and use duct tape to reinforce the bottom and the seam. This will help it last much longer.”

-Nicki Rametta, Thomas Edison High School Color Guards , Alexandria, VA

“For gloves that are just a bit too small, use a hammer to pound down the seams. This smooths out the seam just enough to allow for a more comfortable fit – allowing the student to concentrate on the catch! (Hint: it also works for shoes!)”

-Cheryl Myers, Trumansburg High School Color Guard

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