Keep the Fire Burning: Veteran Instructors Share their Secrets for Longevity and Long-lasting Success in Pageantry – An Interview with Peter Gomez

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One of the most common challenges instructors face is how to avoid letting the stress take over.  We throw our entire lives into our programs, our students, the activity, the show.  Soon we start to feel like we don’t have much of a life leftover and burnout sets in.  Still – there are veteran instructors out there who have learned to manage these tendencies over time, find balance, and create a career with real longevity.  We thought it would be interesting to ask a few of them for their insight.  Today we talk to designer and director Peter Gomez.

Here’s Peter’s Bio:

Peter Gomez brings over 30 years of experience to the Marching Arts. Originally from San Jose, CA, he is a graduate of Independence HS and marched in SCV “A” corps for 4 years. Peter is currently living in Southern California and is the caption head for Chino HS World Guard as well as visual and color guard caption head for Vista Murrieta HS and Glen A Wilson HS. Peter’s drum corps teaching experience includes The Bluecoats, Pacific Crest, and The Academy where he was the Color Guard caption head. His proudest new venture is in his own business with and he is the co-creator of the High Performance Pole which is equipped with the patented Weight System and Air Craft Aluminum Pole.  He is the Colorguard Caption Manager for the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets [].

Peter’s teaching philosophy is to teach in a positive and encouraging environment that will teach young people a sense of discipline and excellence not only for color guard performance, but tools his students will carry with them through life.

Here is what Peter has to offer for reducing stress and building a career with longevity:

#1- Take time at home to prepare your rehearsal block. When you do it on the “fly” you’ll never know what you’re going get from your students.

#2- Know your students. Saying hello, or asking how their day is going makes anyone feel good.

#3 – Personal appearance, like shaving or doing your hair, wearing nice clothes, sends a message to your students that you actually got ready for the rehearsal. In turn you will feed off that energy.

#4 – Have a support base like your techs or a close friend you can bounce ideas off of.

#5- Get inspired by not just watching CG videos, but maybe watching dance concerts or live performances of any type.

#6 – Trust your experience, you’ve been at it a long time.

#7 – Remember why you started teaching in the first place. Who gets to “create” for a living? (not many)

#8 – Take a dance class or join in on a clinic and learn from someone younger. They may be younger, but not as experienced as you are.  You can learn from each other.

#9- Get mentally healthy, exercise, change the way you eat, listen to music that makes you feel good.

#10- Break out of your box, try something new in your approach to music choices, costume colors, and choreography.

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