It’s March! New Poll, New Month, Same Great Activity!

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It’s March and I have to tell you, just saying, “It’s March” brings a bit of excitement… as I know that means that here in the Mid-Atlantic Region warmer weather is soon to come.  After the mounds and mounds of snow we have had this winter I’m really happy to know it’s just a few more weeks before the coats are cast away and we’ll be spending lots of time outdoors.

But back to color guard!

I have to apologize for the lack of activity here the past couple weeks.  My house has been CRAZY… actually… I bought a new house!  Combine that with mid-season responsibilities, kids, and the rest of life… I’ve been struggling to find time to write.

On top of that, the rest of our bunch is also mid-season judging or coaching… and well… we all know how crazy it is right now!

SO… if you’re not yet a fan on facebook you should really find us because despite the fact that it’s been a little quiet here on the home page, our community is keeping things moving on facebook with tips and questions and ideas on our fan page.  THANK YOU!  After all, that’s what this site is about – it’s about coaches sharing their experiences to help one another be less stressed out during these crazy days.  It’s about community.

It’s about all of us together.  I’m so excited to watch that community develop.

So – there is a new poll posted today!  This one was an idea sent to us from a reader in Michigan.  She’d like to know how many hours everyone rehearses each week on average.  So please head over to the little blue box on the upper right corner of the home page and leave your response.

[Edited 10/14/2011 to add the poll feature is no longer present on the site]

Last month’s poll, “For a 3-hour rehearsal, how much time would you devote per practice to basics in February?” had 70 total respondents.  The largest responding group (with 18 responses) estimated 30 minutes per practice.  15 responded that times would vary from rehearsal to rehearsal.  21 total said their basics block would be 45 minutes to 1 hour long and 3 indicated 1.5 hours or more.  There were 4 who said they would spend no time on basics… though part of me can’t help but wonder if those responses came from students with wishful thinking!  :)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our February poll and we look forward to hearing about how many hours you rehearse in this month’s poll.

Happy March!  And Happy Spinning!

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