Health Benefits of Drum Corps

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For those of you who don’t know about Field and Floor – you should definitely visit!  Field and Floor is a long-running blog/e-zine run by our friend David G. Hill.  He’s incredibly great at finding interesting marching-related articles on the web and highlighting them for his readers.  David, I apologize for “copying” you twice today (as he was also the first one to call attention to the MarketWatch Press Release about Halftime) but I definitely wanted to make sure that our readers here at Color Guard Educators also read about the drum corps study highlighted today on Field and Floor (though from here on out, you should visit Field and Floor from day to day and read the articles on David’s site!)  What a great find today!

Field and Floor highlights an article about a health study done in Canada in conjunction with Dutch Boy Drum and Bugle Corps that finds great health improvements (particularly a lowered BMI among other advantages) in drum corps participants over the course of last season.  Earlier this year it was a question on our forum from a reader who asked if there were any studies showing the health benefits of our activity.  Now, there really is!  Of course, drum corps is much more intensive than the average marching experience.  Nonetheless, it’s certainly worth reading and hopefully they will continue their research in the future!

“First Canadian Drum Corps Project Shows Health Benefits for Teens” is the article highlighting the study!  Enjoy!


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