Guard Basics for Band Directors

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This is a wonderful article on the blog, "Music and Education."  While I would normally include articles like this in the links section, this one definitely deserves some special attention.  It's an article written for band directors explaining some of the basic differences between color guard and band sections in the context of marching band as well as providing tips for how to deal with a color guard including learning some basic terminology. 

I can't count the number of times I have said most of these things myself to various band directors I have worked with over the years.  The author's description in #5 of the reasons why the guard takes longer to learn routines than the band does to learn music is something I have found myself explaining year after year to both parents and band directors.  This is definitely a good article to pass along to band director friends or to read for ideas of how to respond when you are faced with some of the same challenges in merging the color guard seamlessly into the band organization as a whole. 

"Relating to Your Color Guard: Yes They're People Too" by Laura L. Prior 



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