Get Involved!

Would you like to get involved with Color Guard Educators?  Your experience and ideas can help support other coaches and contribute to the overall growth of our activity!  Even if you are in your first few years of coaching, you likely have learned something along the way that can make someone else’s job easier!  We provide a short bio of each author at the end of full articles and for both articles and tips we’re happy to link to your group or company!  Here are a few ways you can contribute to this site.  (And don’t let fears about grammar keep you from contributing!  Our editors will help you to make your contribution one you can be proud of!)


Take a look at our glossary .  You’ll notice we’re missing definitions for a few important terms.  Perhaps you have a term you would like to add?  Email your original definitions to our editor .


We are always looking for article submissions from the Colorguard Educator community.  There is no word limit for articles, however, we do retain the right to edit all submissions and determine whether or not they will be posted.

“How-to” Articles should be positive and constructive in nature, offering practical advice or suggestions for either instructors or performers while respecting that there are a variety of “right” ways to accomplish most of our tasks as coaches.

We welcome personal essays and accounts about positive experiences you’ve had as a coach, especially inspirational essays regarding “This is why I choose to coach!”

Articles should also be the original work of the author making the submission.  If you would like us to link to an already-written article on the web please provide us with the web address and the contact information for the author so that we may ask their permission.


We maintain an extensive list of links that may be helpful for color guard coaches.  If you notice a broken link or would like to submit a new one just email your link to our editors at cgeducators at aol.


Our facebook page is host to a vibrant, lively community with new questions and discussions posting every week.  “Like” our page on facebook and join in on the discussion!  Sharing your experiences may just be the answer another coach is looking for – through sharing you can help provide positive experiences for performers beyond your own school and help grow the activity!