FUN for FRIDAY! #7: “Guardie” Washer Necklaces!

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Here’s a fun craft that probably only a guardie will understand!

We all know how valuable those metal washers are.  You know the ones we use to hold the bolts in the end of the flag pole when weighting our poles?

Now you can turn them into a wonderful, wearable piece of art!

washer necklace


All you need is a 1” washer for each member, some type of cording or chain and a clasp for each necklace.  I made several things available for the cording/chain – all of which were purchased at a local craft store including thin macrame cord in a variety of colors (the most popular choice for cording).

Some of the girls got really creative with the cording itself.  One girl tied knots every inch or two all the way around while another braided three colors together.  Just a note: the heavier suede-type cordings were too bulky and I would not recommend them.

QUICK TIP!  Ask your guard parents to save coupons for you!  You can really save a lot in purchasing supplies with the frequent 40 and 50% off coupons published by craft stores.

[updated 10/14/2011 to add: check for iphone or smartphone apps for your favorite craft stores – many feature standing and reusable coupons directly from your phone!]


First, you can use fingernail polish to ‘glam up’ the washers.  We did this as a team craft project and some members used a fine tip permanent marker to write their teammates’ names on the washer.

A final coat with clear nail polish will ‘seal’ the deal!  This helps protect the color or writing from rubbing off.

Next, cut the cording to the desired length (leaving a little extra to attach the clasp).  Bend the cording in half and put the ‘loop’ through the center of the washer.  Then stick the two ends of the cording through the loop and pull tight.  The washer will now be hanging from the center of the cording.

Attach the clasp…Enjoy!

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Formerly with Hopewell High School in Charlotte, NC, Brenda Scarpati now coaches the multi-school ‘State of Illusion’ winter guard team in Bloomfield Hills, MI. In addition to coaching, Brenda enjoys crafts and sewing.

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