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Well – we took a couple weeks off from posting for the holidays.

And now…

We must play Catch Up!

You see – I’ve planned out the year of “From the Archives” posts on a handy dandy spreadsheet… and, well, I didn’t plan, back in October when I was organizing things, to take the 2 weeks off for the holidays (though I’m super grateful to have had the break!).

So you’re going to get December 20th’s post today, December 27th’s post tomorrow and January 3’s post on Friday.

A whole WEEK chock full of “From the Archives” goodness to get your season off to a strong start! :)




For Today.

Weighting Flag Poles by Catina Anderson (01/20/2007) – a few tips for those who might be trying this task for the first time.

Mapping Out Your Show by Catina Anderson (01/20/2007) – this is maybe one of my favorite articles and it was one of the very first posted – a favorite because this is how I have approached design, especially for winter season.  It’s not the only way – but most show design seminars or clinics I’ve attended use some form of storyboarding or count sheets to organize creative thoughts.  This article explains the graphic organizer I developed for myself as a way to analyze a chosen piece and make sure I have some initial control over my creative ideas including the pacing of the show from a big-picture standpoint.  It’s also been a great tool for staying motivated when it comes to writing choreography as well as communicating with staff as my staff expanded to include other creative people.

Protecting Your Rifle by Catina Anderson (07/17/2007) – this is a fantastic article to print (print the .pdf version) and hand to students who are new to your rifle line.  It is a step-by-step with photos on how to tape a rifle so it stays in one piece through the beating it will receive when training begins.  It’s a great idea to print these and plan a rifle-taping-meeting for all your rifle line performers so they learn how to protect their rifles right from the start… part of the responsibility of being on the rifle line.

Please join us tomorrow for more highlighted articles from our archives!

And if you visit one of these articles would you consider leaving a comment letting us know you were there?  Your added wisdom helps grow this resource for the entire community!

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