From the Archives: Toasters, Floor Crew, Exams, Goals and Frustration

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Toasters, Floor Crews, Exams, Goals, Frustrations…

We’ve got it all here today!  lol…

A little something for everyone!  And hopefully an informative way to end the week.

Here are our featured “From the Archives” articles for the first week in January.

In the Toaster by Catina Anderson (01/26/2011) – If you’re working with new performers and looking for some help with cleaning things up faster this article talks about the popular concept of staying “in the toaster” along with some tips for identifying problems and correcting them.

So You Volunteered for Floor Crew… Now What? by Catina Anderson (02/20/2007) – This is a handout I wrote for my floor crew a few years ago.  It might be a little “much” – but you can read it and distill it down to the nuts and bolts for getting your floor crew trained and prepared for their very important job.

Exam Treats by Catina Anderson (01/29/2010) This was our very first “Fun for FRIDAY” post… Exams are approaching – just a couple weeks away for most schools.  Plan ahead to surprise your performers with some healthy treats or congratulatory “you made it through it” snacks along with a thoughtful note.  These types of little gestures go a long way in letting your students know you care about them as people, not just as performers.

Got Goals? by Chris Casteel (02/17/2009) SO, SO important – have you set goals for the season?  No… really… concrete, written down, thoughtful, achieveable goals?  YOU MUST read this article if you have not… great way to set up your season for success!

Student Leaders: Managing Your Own Frustrations! by Catina Anderson (02/12/2007) I wrote this for my own student leaders during a season when there were four that were trying to learn both to lead and work together as a team.  It’s a handout you can print for your leaders with tips and ideas for keeping frustrations in check and handling frustrating situations with grace.

Okay!  That’s it’s for our week of catching up on missed posts over the holidays!  We’re all caught up.

See you Monday with Joe Paul’s next installment in his series on Ensemble Analysis – and Tuesday with our next From the Archives feature!  Have a great weekend!

Happy Spinning!!


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