From the Archives: Holiday Reflections, Cell Phone Saavy, the Air Blade… and more!

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This post was originally scheduled for December 27th so that will explain the inclusion of the first choice… though if you have a bit of time despite the holidays being over (because I know in my house things actually SLOW down tremendously after January 1st) I would encourage you to still take some time to reflect before jumping into the season at hand (or the season ahead).  So here are today’s featured articles from our archives…

Holiday Reflections by Chris Casteel (12/23/2008) – Chris encourages readers to take a moment to reflect on past seasons in order to better plan for moving forward… very worthwhile exercise.

Cell Phone Saavy: Preparing Your Communication Hub for Competition Day by Catina Anderson (01/22/2010) a practical article/reminder to sit down now before the first competitions of the season arrive and program every possible phone number you might need into your cell phone so you are prepared when the unexpected happens.  It’s not a bad idea to have students program each other’s information into their phones as well.

The Air Blade in Winter Guard: Avoid a Timing Penalty! by Catina Anderson (12/23/2008) If you have chosen a non-traditional piece of equipment like the Air Blade for your winter show, this article just reminds readers to check your circuit’s rules regarding authorized equipment time including what equipment qualifies as authorized equipment so that you aren’t faced with an unexpected timing penalty down the road or painful rewrites…

The McCormick’s Designer Color Kit: A Reader Review by Rose Molinary (08/31/2008) This is still one of our favorite fabric swatch kits available… Rose reviews the kit including how she involved her students in the process.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our third and final installment for this week – when we’ll finally be all. caught. up!

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Catina Anderson is the founder/editor of the Colorguard Educators blog. Color guard has been part of her life for almost 25 years. She began coaching in 1994 and worked with the Broad Run High School color guard in Northern VA from 1998 until 2010. She has also written for Halftime Magazine and served on the Executive Board of the Atlantic Indoor Association. A former teacher, she enjoys sharing what she has learned and hopes to encourage others to share as well. Together we can create even more positive experiences for performers and help to collectively strengthen marching arts activities worldwide.

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  1. I wasn’t sure who or where to send this to but if you could add a few items to your links. Ohio independent regional A guard The Fifth Element based out of pickerington Ohio. The Wee Stars elementary class based out of pickerington Ohio.

    And also Otterbein University marching color guard aka Card Guard.

    Thanks so much

    P.s. I am still working on a trip for the winter guards to take… Disney is out because they seem to favor schools over independent groups but I am looking into performing on a cruise.

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