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Another archives post jam packed with important ideas as we approach our first competitions of the winter season.  We hope there is something here you’ll find useful and that we’ve save you some time in the search!

Movement Monday #4: First Show Tips by Cheryl Myers (1/4/2010) – Everyone’s favorite “Movement Chick” has some recommendations for heading into your first show.

Between the Door and the Music: by Chris Casteel (3/5/2009) – This is SUCH an important article and something that many instructors – especially new ones – overlook.  In preparing your students for their first competitions don’t forget about preparing them for the time they will spend between the door and the start of the music.  Rehearse the entrance into the gym.  Discuss what they will expect… You’ll want to read her article if you’re not already implementing these teachable moments!

Equipment Survival Kit by Catina Anderson: (1/31/2007) – this is one of our most popular articles and one of the most popular topics we get articles submitted about.  If you don’t have an emergency kit for your competitions take some time this week to create one – and then assign a parent to be responsible for it.  Include both equipment items as well as typical “emergency kit” items so you’re prepared for whatever might arise.

Avoiding a Penalty by Catina Anderson (2/25/2007) – This article touches on a variety of often-missed details that can help you avoid embarrassing penalties.  A few minutes spent in the weeks prior to your first performance can help you maximize your scoring potential.

and a “quick tip” we think stands out for this week – submitted by Danielle Smith in 2009

Before your big debut, take some time to practice in uniform. Sometimes, the students are not used to a skirt or performing in a one sleeved uniform. The students can see what undergarments they will personally need and you, as an instructor, can see what the uniforms will look like on the field or floor.   -Danielle Smith


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