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Here at CGE our mission is to help color guard educators all over the world to share what they have learned through experience.  Already, our main website – which we think of as a sort of mini-library of coaching materials – features over 100 articles shared by instructors dating back as far as 2007 when we launched as a tiny, single-author blog.

But let’s face it!  We color guard coaches are busy people!  Most of us work day jobs or have our own children in addition to our coaching or color guard involvement.  Time to browse through hundreds of articles (much less time to read them all) is scarce!

So we want to make it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it. 

We want to make sure the information on the site is out there, helping people, inspiring new ideas, generating new approaches and helping make all of our coaching lives easier.  So, each Tuesday we will feature an article or two “From the Archives” that we think is relevant for the time of season or challenges coaches everywhere are facing.  We hope you’ll take a look back at these articles if you haven’t already seen them and we hope you’ll feel welcome to leave new comments.  

If they inspire you to share how you do something (as we all know there are many “right” ways to do just about everything in this activity) we hope you’ll take some time to get in touch with us and we’ll find a way to help you share your ideas with the world!  

Help us grow this wonderful resource AND help support the activity that has been central to all our lives.

This week’s feature articles “from the archives” are:

The Many Roles of the Instructor: Keeping Performers Motivated Midseason” by Chris Casteel, May 2008.  This article was written with regards to the winter season but much of the advice relates to coaching in any season.  She talks about using videos, providing incentives, economizing your words and changing up routines.

Featuring Fundamentals: Finding the Time” by Catina Anderson, January 2008.  Have you given up on basics block because there just doesn’t seem to be time?  This article has some ideas for ways to weave in basics at every rehearsal throughout the season including grabbing 10 minutes here or there while you’re waiting for the band to set drill or creating combinations from difficult sections of the show choreography.

We’ll be back next week with a couple more suggestions “From the Archives!”

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Catina Anderson is the founder/editor of the Colorguard Educators blog. Color guard has been part of her life for almost 25 years. She began coaching in 1994 and worked with the Broad Run High School color guard in Northern VA from 1998 until 2010. She has also written for Halftime Magazine and served on the Executive Board of the Atlantic Indoor Association. A former teacher, she enjoys sharing what she has learned and hopes to encourage others to share as well. Together we can create even more positive experiences for performers and help to collectively strengthen marching arts activities worldwide.

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  1. Vicki W. Garza says:

    Awesome, I love this website. I wish they had this back in my day…. the 90’s. I currently have come across my alma mater with my daughter in the Drumline, my eyes automatically follow the colorguard. They need alot of work. I was wondering if there was a website or something that would show me the new fundamentals that are out there. I have become the “Colorguard MOM”

    Desperate Mom,
    Colorguard for Life

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