Finishing Touches

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Finishing Touches

Don't Overlook the Pole and Endcaps When Designing Your Flags!

Contributed By Darrick Betro

Here are a couple tricks that will help clean up your guards' flag work as well as add a little bit of detail to your overall equipment design!

The Color of Your Pole

It has become a recent trend to color your flag pole the same color as the flag silk.  If you have a design that continues on the sleeve, use the color that is closest to the tab area.  This will help create a nice long clean line when the flags are spinning, so it helps mask small timing errors and makes your flag work appear cleaner than it really may be.  It is also a nice finishing touch to your flag design.  This can be achieved through various methods including contact paper, vinyl tape, or even paint.  Vinyl tape and contact paper come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Paint can be a simple and inexpensive option.  I have used both spray paint and interior latex paint (the same paint that we used on the floor tarp so that the pole matched exactly to the tarp).   You just need to make sure that if you use regular paint you brush it on nice and even.  If you choose to paint your pole you will have to use a clear contact paper as the final layer of protection.

Downplay End Caps

Even if you do not color the entire pole, an easy way to disguise the end cap on the top of the flag is to tape it the same color as the flag.  If you do cover the entire pole, don't forget about the end cap on the pole side.  This helps create a cleaner look without having a bright white tip at the end of the flag pole (unless, of course, you have a white pole and then it will blend in nicely!).

Hide Those Cheater Tapes!

You can maintain a clean look to your pole and still have cheater tapes to help your unit achieve proper hand placements by cutting strips of clear contact paper or packing tape and placing them where the cheater tapes go.  If you have a white pole, use white tape for the cheaters.  If you use silver poles, invest in a few rolls of silver mirror tape and use that to cover the cheaters and the pole end cap.  No unsightly cheater marks!!  The only people that should know the cheaters are there are the members and you, not the audience or judges!!

Darrick Betro works with several Indiana High School Color Guards including Center Grove High School , Perry Meridian High School , Scottsburg High School, Lafayette Jefferson High School and Jasper High School

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