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We are SO excited to announce that today we are starting our very first GIVEAWAY CONTEST here at CGE!  Yes, just by leaving a comment you get a chance to win something free!  And who doesn’t want something free?

 No Limit Productions, the producers of “Live to Spin,” a documentary following the Pacificaires through their 2009 Season (where they achieved finalist status in the A-class at WGI) is teaming up with us here for the next week.  They will send one of our lucky readers a free copy of the new documentary!  Click the “read more” link below to find out how you can enter!



Since this is our first giveaway contest ever, we want to make the entry process as easy as possible – but still within the spirit of the Color Guard Educators Mission.  SO… all you have to do is leave a comment with your best “quick tip” below.



Not sure what to write?  Don’t stress!  We have lots of quick tips listed on the site that you can take a look at and see what others have submitted .  It’s just a small tidbit of information that you think has been particularly useful in your coaching, judging, parent volunteering or student leadership experience and that you would tell a new coach if he/she asked for your advice.  The ones we have on the site already cover anything from having students mark time when they rehearse routine in block to highlighting hash marks on drill charts in the fall season.

And you don’t HAVE to be original – see a quick tip already listed and think… MAN!  THAT WAS MY BEST IDEA!!  Go ahead and list is anyway.  We’ll take it.  And it’ll let other readers know that more than one coach thinks that’s a great tip!


If you submit an original quick tip that we’ve never seen before we’ll give you 2 (yes, that’s right!) 2 entries!


So… an original, never-posted-before quick tip can get you 2 entries…

And if you let other coaches know that you entered the contest by posting on your facebook page and then commenting here to let us know you did it… that’ll get you one more!

Tweet your tip and the contest link or post it on your own blog and there’s another…

Become a registered user here at CGE and you’ll get another (or if you’re already registered just write that in the comment).

SO… you could get up to 5 chances to win! 


Just don’t forget to comment here to let us know all the things you did so we know to put extra slips of paper in the hat before the drawing!  And make sure you leave some way for us to identify you in the comment (don’t just post as “guest”)


All comments must be posted before 7:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, December 11th to be counted.  Friday morning we’ll write out all the entry slips based on the comments left and around noon (eastern time) on Friday we’ll do the drawing and post the announcement here on CGE!

The winner will have about 72 hours (through Monday December 14th) to contact us via email with your contact information so No Limits can send you the DVD.  If we don’t hear from that person by the deadline then we’ll draw again.


documentary cover“Live to Spin” is a documentary that follows the Pacificaires Winter Guard (2009 WGI A-Class Finalists) through their successful 2009 season.  It’s a good behind-the-scenes look at winter guard and a good introduction to the scope of the activity for those who are unfamiliar with winter guard.  One of the reasons the documentary was produced was because the Pacificaires exist in a part of their country where the activity is largely unknown.  They were hoping to introduce people to the exciting world of color guard and to what is involved in their competitive season.  Here’s what the producer wrote last year when we asked how the project originated:

Educating the public about the color guard sport is crucial to this sport flourishing and growing. Color guard is a sport that presents our young people with opportunities that build on self respect, hard work, and real values. We want to show how the determination and generous hearts of dedicated instructors can take young people on a journey of passion, teaching them how to overcome challenges while building confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Having had the opportunity to get to know this sport and the Pacificaires team, we have experienced only one reaction from people exposed for the very first time to this activity- WOW! They are amazed and speechless by the skills guards must present and the originality of this sport.  Why not offer the audience the opportunity to experience what color guard is about? We strongly believe that CG deserves to be more recognized and we believe that story of Pacificaires Color Guard deserves to be told and will well represent many other teams.

Having seen it, it would make a great video to show kids that are new to the activity (and their parents as well!) to give them an idea of just what they are getting involved in.

You can see the movie trailer here .

And there is an interview with the directors of the Pacificaires we posted last spring here .


Can you tell we’re just jumping for joy here???  We will be hosting our SECOND EVER CGE GIVEAWAY Starting Friday, December 11… RIGHT AFTER WE ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF THIS ONE!


This has just been a FUN week here among the CGE family… we’re also excited to announce that on Monday our resident “Movement Chick” Cheryl Myers will be starting our very first “regular column” here at CGE!  We’re calling it “Movement Mondays” and she’s calling herself “The Movement Chick,” and it’ll be a weekly tidbit of good movement advice combined with Cheryl’s own charming humor… we can’t wait to share her first installment.  Check back with us Monday so you don’t miss it!

Until then… have a great weekend and HAPPY SPINNING!!

(now… don’t forget to comment below and enter our drawing!  We’d be so sad if no one enters… :( … because it’d make a great Christmas gift for you or another… and we’re just too excited to be giving something away to one of our wonderful readers! )

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