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Years ago I subscribed to Dance Spirit Magazine but let my subscription lapse for some reason, though I can’t remember why.  Just this week I posted a question on the Color Guard Planet message boards about finding information for a reader on the physical demands of colorguard compared to that of athletics.  One message board reader responded with a reference to an article in Dance Spirit Magazine so I headed over to their website to check it out!

The article in question, “How Fit Are You?” by Peter Brandenhoff was published in their September 1, 2007 issue and did appear on their website.  It discussed a fun experiment/fundraiser at a studio in San Francisco where they set up a series of obstacles courses and challenged both athletes and dancers to complete them and kept score.  The Dancers did extremely well, though the author does point out that the competition may have been just a tiny bit skewed in their favor.  Nevertheless, they pointed out that dancers are well-rounded in their training.  Take a look at the article, it’s both fun and interesting.

After I found the article I was looking for I decided to check out the back issues of the magazine and see if there was anything else of interest.  To my surprise and great excitement I found article after article that could apply just as easily to colorguard or winterguard coaching or performance as dance team performance.  Here are just some of the articles I found in their archives that I took time to read and would recommend!

Giving Back by Abigail Rasminsky, December 1, 2007
This article about dance studios and troupes that are making a difference combining their love of dance with service can be inspiring to any coach looking to teach their students about how they can make a difference using their art!

Dance Teams Take on Lyrical
by Wendy Garafoli, April 1, 2007
This article talks about the trend of dance teams using lyrical as a new style of choreography in competition, compared to their tradition adherence to jazz.  Winter Guards are constantly experimenting with new styles and infusing a variety of dance forms into our competition routines.  This article discusses ways to train yours students in a new style.

Beating Common Knee Injuries by Deborah Vogel, December 1, 2006
This is a great technical article that describes the most common knee injuries associated with dance.  Knee injuries are common both indoor and outdoor in our activity due to the outdoor terrain or the training/rehearsal surface indoor.  It is important coaches are educated about the potential for injury and ways to reduce risk.  Take a look!

How to Run Rehearsal Without Ruining Friendships by Laura DeSilva, October 18, 2007
This is a wonderful article for captains or for leaders of student-run groups such as college winterguards or even many high school winter guards.  The tips would also be useful for young instructors who may be close in age to the students they are teaching!

Do’s and Don’ts: What Matters Most at Competitions by Erika Jacobson, October 1, 2005
I emailed this one to my own students to reinforce issues we’ve been working on as we approach the championships competition for our season.  It talks about the power of connecting emotionally in your performance and in featuring good technique in your performances.

How to Protect Your Choreography From Being Stolen by Wendy Garofoli, October 1, 2005
Finally, an interesting article on stolen choreography with an example from the competition dance world.  As this topic comes up occasionally in our world as well it’s an interesting read for any instructor.

This was just a sampling of the articles I found interesting on this website.  It’s definitely one I’m going to bookmark and check back with monthly and I highly recommend it to other colorguard educators.  There is so much overlap in all of the auxiliary dance activities and from traditional competition dance to what we do in winterguard that you’re sure to find several interesting articles each month that you can learn from.  Thanks to the person who posted the suggestion on Color Guard Planet to check out Dance Spirit.  This former subscriber is a fan again!

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