Competitions are Coming!

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Winter competitions are just days or weeks away depending on where you are in the country and how you’ve arranged your winterguard schedule.  There are a multitude of preparations that go into being ready to walk into the gym on that first competition day beyond getting some choreography on the floor.  So we went through our archives today to see if there was anything that might help you out in your prep.  Here are three articles to take a look at today:

Between the Door and the Music ” – by Chris Casteel (first posted March 5, 2009) In this article Chris, the education coordinator for the Winter Guard Association of Southern California , discusses how you can prepare your performers and parents for the moments between entering the gym and those most recognized words, “You may now enter the floor in competition.”  Great tips!

Along the same lines, if you’re working with a parent or volunteer floor crew for the first time you might be interested in the article, “So You Volunteered for Floor Crew, Now What? ” by Catina Anderson first posted Feb 20, 2007- some specifics are related to the Atlantic Indoor Association competition flow but many apply to all floor crews.

Equipment Survival Kit (Anderson, 21Jan2007) and our Important Contacts Worksheet from the Documents Section also might help with setting the instructor’s mind at ease prior to stepping on the bus.

We hope that these resources might help you in getting off to a successful start to your season!


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