Colorguard, Clones, Cat Litter and a little Comic Relief!

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[CGE team member Darcie had a bit of fun this weekend with her camera and her son’s Star Wars Clones… and after laughing along with her as I watched the images flash by on her facebook page I thought what fun it would be to share them with all of you.  After all, what coach doesn’t need a bit of comic relief in the middle of the competition season!  Make sure to read her captions… she judges the Clones’ show picture by picture… -Catina]

Clones Colorguard 1

“Clone Guard, You may now take the floor for competition.

Clone Colorguard 2

 “Wow!  Nice layering of the body under the equipment.  However, take a look at arm and flag angles.”

“I think one of your members is having balance issues.”


clone colorguard 4
“Weight-sharing with the Droidica.  How did you keep him from killing you?”
clone colorguard 5
“Good arm extension under the toss.  Clean lines from fingertips across shoulders, and the “not-looking” adds an element of challenge deepening your vocabulary.”
clone colorguard 6
“What can I say?  I’m speechless!”
clone colorguard 7
 “Interesting layering of the body under equipment.  Fantastic demonstration of core control and balance.”
clone colorguard 8
“That’s quite the trend setting move.  No wonder you are at the top of your class in Independent World.  Again, how did you keep the Droidica from killing you?”
clone colorguard 10
“Very consistent from member to member.  Pay attention to the angle of your head dude in the front.”
 clone colorguard 11
 “Ah, some discrepencies in the feet…”
clone colorguard 12
“Beautiful barrel turns under the extended equipment.  I bet that cat litter helps with your balance.”
 clone colorguard 13

 “Okay, so I was bored.  [My son’s] Clone warriors inspired me to do something totally bizarre and weird.  ‘What would happen if the clones ordered for the Republic were used for Color Guard instead of eventually becoming Darth Vader’s Storm Troopers?”

[Thank you Darcie for a bit of comic relief here during the stressful beginning of the competition season.  She also shared on facebook that Clones were originally made for the rebel forces during the era of the Jedi (something I had no idea about having only daughters myself…lol) and by coincidence… the school she teaches for has the mascot of The Rebels.  Perfect!  Thanks for letting us share this bit of fun, Darcie.  I hope these pictures have at least put a little smile on some of our readers faces! -Catina]



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