This page is under construction/development.

The following clipart have been created for use by guard coaches to help with making flyers, posters or educational materials.  Please provide a link to our site and credit to if you choose to use any of the images for your website.

In some browsers gray boxes may appear around the clipart figures.  These gray boxes represent transparent areas of the images and, in most cases, will not show up when you copy and paste the image into your publishing document.  If you cannot copy the image by right click and copy then right click and save the image as a file to your computer and then insert from file.  That should work.  If there are any graphics people out there in the guard world who would be willing to help us with the development of this page or in working out some of these “bugs” please contact us .  Thanks!

Silouette 1

Silhouette 2

silhouette 3
Silhouette 4

Silhouette 5     Silhouette 7

Silhouette 8

Critter 1

Blue Scribble Flag Girl Christmas Scribble Flag Girl

Hot Pink Scribble Flag Girl