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For those of you who are new to the site, chances are you haven’t found time to discover all the tidbits buried within the three years of sharing that exists here.  If you check out the menu at the top of the page there are several “drop down” menus that reveal even more layers of information!  One of these references is our Glossary of Color Guard Terms .  Linked under the “Resources” tab, this page was started right at the very beginning of CGE.  Problem was… there were many terms listed WITHOUT definitions.  That’s why I’m VERY excited today that our new writer Chelley Thelen finished up the list for us!

Now, when I say “finished” I really am just saying that she finished what is already there.  I know we can come up with great photos to compliment some of the terms AND that there are plenty of terms we have likely left out.  SO – that’s where you, our readers, come in!  If you have a term to add or think a definition could use revision, PLEASE feel free to email us ! That’s what this site is all about!  CG educators working together as a community to creating an amazing resource to share with each other.  So, don’t be shy!  SHARE!  I know that this list has been used not only as a reference for coaches – but as a reference for students writing papers or preparing speeches for their high school classes.  And I’m thankful to Chelley today for helping this reference take a BIG step forward!


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