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I’m on the email list for USSBA/YEA so every week or so I get an email with updates about their season, upcoming contests and educational extras.  My band competes in the USSBA circuit which is why I originally signed up.  But this summer I’m finding that I’m really enjoying some of the “extras” they are sending including the webinar last week and a behind-the scenes video this week.  While the video is reporting specific insight into the Cadet’s show this season – there’s so much more there that I can relate to as a colorguard educator.

For those that may not have heard, the Cadets show this year involves voiceovers or narration as they have used for the past few years. This is somewhat of a controversy on drum corps message boards. But, not here with me. I actually really enjoy going to a show and seeing a wide variety of styles from the different groups – from traditional to those who are trying something new. I enjoy a surprise. And I enjoy a show that challenges me emotionally and intellectually.

Of course, this year the Cadets show (which I have to admit I have not seen yet – but am excited to see next month) is centered around the interview of a woman who is a breast cancer survivor. Anyone who has visited this page knows that this is a topic that is immediately near and dear to my heart and is going to grab my attention. It’s also set up as a sort of public-radio interview…something else I enjoy quite a bit (does that show my age?). Combine those things with amazing music, marching and color guard and I am definitely intrigued and excited to experience it.

But I digress. This entry isn’t about the Cadet’s show – but instead about what I learned from attending the webinar and watching the all-access video this afternoon. As an educator I am always interested to see how those at the elite levels of our activity face the same types of challenges we as high school educators face every year. To watch and have insight into their thought process as they design and make changes to the show is really a great tool – I would highly recommend others to take a look. They are giving us a chance to see the inner workings of their design team and to understand the metamorphosis the show will take over the course of the season. They’re also providing some insight into their design direction, philosophy and how they handle what can be intense criticism with grace. For me, I find the behind the scenes footage very interesting and insightful as an educator and designer and I’m grateful they have given us this glimpse.

You can check it out for yourself here:

[edited to add: video no longer available 10/15/2011]

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