Breakfast of Champions

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Just a quick idea for today for all those heading to a hotel for competition, especially if you’re managing your first overnight trip.  And it is…

Don’t forget to plan for breakfast!

Many hotels include a continental breakfast in their room price.  Make sure to ask if breakfast is included or available and ask what time serving starts.

Requesting Separate Space

For those with large groups you might be able to request a separate area for breakfast.  Some hotels will set up a banquet or meeting room allowing you space to eat as a team with few distractions.  These banquet/meeting rooms can also be a lovely space for morning stretches as a team as well.

For Groups with Early Arrival Times

What if the breakfast is available but you have to leave the hotel at 5 a.m. to make an 8 a.m. arrival time at the contest site??  Don’t fret.  It still may be possible to take advantage of the free continental breakfast.  Explain the situation to hotel management and ask if they would be willing to bag or box some breakfast items for your group.  Even offer to bring the bags yourself.  One year my hotel made box breakfasts with a muffin, water bottle, banana etc. that my students were able to grab on the way out and eat on the bus.

What if your hotel isn’t offering breakfast… well this is where the parent crew will be a lifesaver!  Ask a parent to plan a bagged breakfast for the kids with healthy items (again, bananas, muffins, water, granola bars, apples, etc….).  They’ll be more than happy to help!

Mid-Morning Snack

Even if you have breakfast taken care of – you still may want to ask your parents to plan a mid-morning snack as well.  A granola bar and extra bottle of water, an apple… You’ll be surprised how hungry your performers might be!

Your parent crew will feel great knowing they were able to contribute and knowing their kids are well taken care of!  And you won’t have to worry about cranky performers running on empty as you try to get them to focus for warm-ups.  Who knows!  Maybe your breakfast will become the breakfast of champions!

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