Tip for Today: Avoiding a Flag Sail

| August 30, 2007 | 1 Comment

“Way too often one of your members will get a sail with their flag during a performance.  The eye is drawn to this performer.  One thing that I find helpful is to discuss the pathway that your flag should take when reversing directions but it seems the main issue here may be that top tip.  Often this rubber tip will become rough from normal use and then the flag fabric gets caught on the rough surface.  Also if the flag fabric gets damp then the rubber tip grabs the fabric and they almost seem to stick together making it near impossible to get your sail out without being noticed.  I have found that if you cover the top tip with electrical tape the fabric is less likely to get caught on this surface.  You may want to replace the tape before performances.”

– Jody Jones: Broughton High School , Assembly Line Winter Guard , North Carolina State Marching Band

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  1. Aridare says:

    Awesome idea for avoiding a sail! I will make sure from now on that I completely tape the top tip! Thanks!

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