A MOVEMENT MOMENT #13: She’s back!

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Hey! Hi…guys. [Waves tentatively from doorway] Remember me?  Umm… yes, I am the ghost formerly known as the Movement Chick. Gosh, it’s been a while, yes?  My apologies. As usual, there have been “things,”   “Things,” which have kept me from regaling you all throughout the 2011 season.  And, I feel badly about that, I do.

So… Bear with me and we’ll share a story, shall we?

This was the first year I was not teaching a team at all.  My chicks are getting taller, which seems to bring with it more activities, more chauffeuring, and the like, allowing less time to trek around the Fingerlakes in my jazz shoes

Plus, the team I have been working with for, oh, EVER, folded.  That, not such a fun day.

I still had a full judging schedule, so I was “in” the activity, but I wasn’t feeling it ~

Not such a good thing for:
•    a movement judge
•    a motivational movement coach
•    a clinician… scheduled to teach said clinics

What does one do?  My personal thought, after getting through this season, is that all coaches/judges/pageantry princesses [still waiting on that tiara…hmmm] have moments such as these.

Are you with me? Have you been there? Felt this way?


Alrighty then. Back to yours truly. Thus, my 2011 season became a journey of getting over myself already.

I love, love, love what we do. That part, I still knew.  What I didn’t know is if I had anything to offer any further.  Not for nothing, but one can only comment on a poorly shaped line of the leg in a back tendu before one starts to feel as if one is speaking to a WALL.  Typically, I can talk myself out of that frustration – it comes with the territory, after all

[A-hem… please refer to article #9 referencing the line of the leg, pleaseandthankyou]  But, I digress.

And so it went.  But, here is a funny thing.  I was still helping, I was still encouraging young coaches, and while I was SURE I was speaking to the aforementioned wall, some of it was getting through.

And here’s some shocking news – the minute I started dancing again – small moments of choreography in whatever spaces I could find; my spirit lifted.

[Quick study, aren’t I? One would imagine I could have figured that one out… oye]

Nonetheless, I was not quite so discouraged; not quite so certain I was wasting these wonderful people’s time.. and possibly my own.  And, believe it or not ~ the last weekend of the season; when I once again dodged dicey weather, broken planes and an emergency landing…[Seriously, follow me on Facebook; I have a Sunday morning fan club who tunes in just to see what in the WORLD Cheryl Myers has managed to do whilst trying to get home] In a gym in Missouri; I had my epiphany… and while it’s not going to change the world or rock anyone’s philosophical foundation, it worked for me.


Sometimes, Loving something~ Loving is so much you can taste it; so much you compose shows in your head; want to get out on the floor and correct that ronde de jambe; so much for what it gives to each and every one of us…while that may not be  enough – It’s a pretty good place to start.

So… I guess what I’m saying is… I’m Baaaaacccckkk




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Cheryl Myers (aka “The (self-proclaimed) Movement Chick”) is a movement instructor, adjudicator and would-be rockette, living in the Fingerlakes area of New York State. Primary affiliations include the New York Federation of Contest Judges, and the Atlantic Indoor Association. She has most recently worked with Trumansburg High School, and is continually blessed by the opportunity to consult and adjudicate for circuits around the country. In addition to her pageantry career, Ms. Myers works in the accounting and insurance fields, and yes, is great fun at parties, thankyouverymuch. Her primary job, and that which she is most proud of, is raising her two beautiful children, a future dancer and drummer.

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