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Hey y’all!

[I’m heading to Texas, it is COMPLETELY appropriate that I get into the spirit]

For the majority of the country, this is the big push before Championships weekend – Power Regionals abound, local contests are hotly contested

[ha! Get it? Contests are contested? **crickets** Sigh. Never mind]

AND, to add some sugar on top, Saturday is the first day of spring!  [Yes, we will all be spending said first day enjoying winterguard inside gymnasiums with no natural light and nary a robin in sight but never mind that]

Some of you may be wondering… “Hey, Movement Chick, what can we POSSIBLY to do improve upon the sparkling luster that is our program right now?”

Well, now, I am SO glad you asked! Last week in Regional Land, I ran into a situation a few dozen times, which I will pontificate uponshare with you.

Go the Extra Mile

If I had a nickel for every time I use the words:  Extend and Elongate on a tape digital recorder, well… I don’t know as I’d be wealthy, but darn, I’d have a good sized nickel collection.

I’m about to say something scandalous.  Go ahead and sit down, I’ll wait.  Take a deep breath.  Ready?  Are you sure?  Okay… I’ll go slow.

It is possible to Clean the emotion out of a show..

and it’s NOT a good thing, my darlings….

Yes, Yes, I know.  You want it to be clean. You want it to be spit shined and Mr. Clean and sparkly and twinkly and people will gasp in wonder and awe at the very cleanliness you provide.  And, don’t get me wrong; a perfectly rotated flag toss with a flawless catch will get me every time.  Gives me chills; warms the very depths of my soul; you get the idea.

[errant poet much? A-hem]

But I’m talking about the body – the living, breathing, hopefully properly covered up and supported [think leotards, pleaseandthankyou] body which is manipulating that flawless equipment.  Yes, it’s that overused familiar word, breath.  But it’s more than just the breathing business… we already DO that – it is, after all, a necessary piece of survival.

What I’m directing begging suggesting is:  EXTEND the port de bras; REACH for the ceiling on an extension; USE the quadriceps on a lunge; ARCH the back when in cambre position; LIFT the rib cage and ELONGATE the spine on the postural shaping changes incorporated into the choreography……the list can go on and on.

Your performers need to get invested in their program.  Own the moment, and fill the space. Use the famous Leonardo DaVinci sketch: Vitruvian Man to demonstrate kinesphere, and then let them have at it.


and then…


Excellence involves expressive range, too… and when push comes to shove, cleaner is NOT always better [I know! I TOLD you it was scandalous!  However, ‘tis also true]

Y’all know I wouldn’t lie to you… [Now where is my cowboy hat?]



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Cheryl Myers (aka “The (self-proclaimed) Movement Chick”) is a movement instructor, adjudicator and would-be rockette, living in the Fingerlakes area of New York State. Primary affiliations include the New York Federation of Contest Judges, and the Atlantic Indoor Association. She has most recently worked with Trumansburg High School, and is continually blessed by the opportunity to consult and adjudicate for circuits around the country. In addition to her pageantry career, Ms. Myers works in the accounting and insurance fields, and yes, is great fun at parties, thankyouverymuch. Her primary job, and that which she is most proud of, is raising her two beautiful children, a future dancer and drummer.

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