A Color Guard Thanksgiving 2011

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It’s time for our annual (well… truth be told we missed last year… but we did have one in 2009) CGE Thanksgiving post!

We’ll be taking the rest of the week off to celebrate and relax and enjoy.  But before we go we asked some of our recent contributors and team members if they’d like to share why they are thankful for color guard.  Here is what they said:

Chris Casteel: I am thankful that I have the privilage of being a tiny part of the CGE team ~ an amazing group of individuals who are truly passionate about our activity, and want the very best for it’s future. I am also thankful that every weekend I have the perfect seat to watch team after team of dedicated and talented students who inspire and excite me with their performances. I will never tire of taking the journey with them from the moment the music begins till the last note fades away.

Rosemarie Heite Molinary: I am thankful to have not one but two talented guards to work with and two wonderful staff members who have become family to me! And I am thankful that my husband supports all that I do for this wonderful activity!

Amy Townley: I am thankful each and every year that I can continue to teach in this activity. I grew up in an area that didn’t have competitive color guard, and I had never been to any kind of competition until after I graduated from college. I am thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experienced guard educators who helped me find my footing in this activity. And I am extremely thankful to my husband who took a chance on me and gave me my first guard gig 15 seasons ago and has taught me so much about what it means to teach with heart and passion.

Lorraine Kohagen: I am thankful that I have found a career that lets me channel my creativity while working with amazing people.

Cheryl Bidlake-Myers: I am thankful for pageantry in all its forms, be it on the floor, in the stands, or holding a recorder. We are a unique batch of characters, and I think, no, I know, we have pulled many an individual from obscurity and uncertainty and onto the field or the floor, where they found their voice. We are not your typical “team” and that is just one of the few things that makes what we do so very, very special. The love, the support and the camaraderie nationwide is inspiring.

Chelley Evans Thelen: I am thankful for the amazing staff at Illuminate Independent that I’m working with this year. Really great people, really creative individuals.  I’m thankful for students who work hard and “get it” and have the desire to grow as performers.  I’m thankful for donations from local businesses that are an infinite help to our budget.  I’m thankful for my husband and two daughters, too. I know, not guard related, but I can’t do a thankful list without throwing a shout out to my awesome, amazing family. Besides, being a guard instructor with a family is hard for all of us at times, and I love them for putting up with the long hours.

Brenda Scarpati: I am thankful to guard for so many reasons. I am thankful to guard for being there for me when I was a geeky, shy high schooler who finally felt she belonged somewhere. I am thankful to guard for providing my daughter with skills and confidence and life lessons as she participated in both high school and college programs. I am thankful to guard for providing me with an extended family as I began my coaching career as an ’empty-nester’. The people I have met through guard have enriched my life beyond compare. I am truly grateful.

Alicia Sharp: I am thankful for my Color Guard students who keep me on my toes, tell me what they think, ask for help, and are always a source of entertainment.  I am also thankful for their hard working parents that make it possible for us to have a very large budget and for the kids to be able to march for free.  I am thankful for my wonderful band director/husband who always keeps the color guard in mind, makes comments and generally doesn’t ignore them.  Annnndd…  I’m thankful for our color guard baby that’s on the way!  Due just in time for band camp!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Catina Anderson: I am truly thankful for all of our readers who believe in what we’re trying to do here – who show their support by participating in our facebook group, sharing experiences in response to readers questions, contributing articles and sending notes of support.  Your participation and notes of encouragement truly keep us moving forward.  I am extremely thankful for the CGE team of editors and advisors who patiently read my multitude of daily brainstorms and who take time out of their schedules to write articles each month.  I’m thankful for my husband who has patiently and solidly supported this project for four years now – he’s our technical guru.  And I’m thankful for a guard staff here in VA who has allowed me to stay involved in design and production, despite limited availability, allowing me to remain connected to this amazing activity.

Now… This is important!  Don’t stop reading here…

CGE is about you.  CGE is a community of color guard educators designed as a way to facilitate coaches helping coaches through the sharing of ideas.  It’s a place where instructors and adjudicators of all levels and experience are welcome and celebrated.  We believe that even the first year coach has had experience solving problems that, when shared, may be just the solution another coach is needing – right now.  You are ALL part of our family.

So please join us in this tradition and add your “thankfuls” to the comments below.  We’d love to hear how color guard has impacted your life this year and celebrate all the reasons that we stay connected to this fantastic activity year after year.  So go on!  Don’t be shy… add your comment of Thanksgiving down there… Happy Thanksgiving!!  And we’ll see you next Monday.


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Catina Anderson is the founder/editor of the Colorguard Educators blog. Color guard has been part of her life for almost 25 years. She began coaching in 1994 and worked with the Broad Run High School color guard in Northern VA from 1998 until 2010. She has also written for Halftime Magazine and served on the Executive Board of the Atlantic Indoor Association. A former teacher, she enjoys sharing what she has learned and hopes to encourage others to share as well. Together we can create even more positive experiences for performers and help to collectively strengthen marching arts activities worldwide.

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  1. Charity says:

    I am thankful for this website. This is my first year teaching, and your site helped me find tons of inspiration! I am also thankful for the chance to be teaching an activity that I truly enjoy.

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